Help Needed For My Gambling Problem!

Here is my story. A friend showed me an online gambling site. I love sports, so what the heck. After my first bet it spiraled quickly. I won my first few and thought I always would. This is the worst thing that happened to me. After a few losses I didn't even care. I know I would win it back, but I didn't.

I started betting more and more to get my money back. Now I am in a huge hole, credit cards are maxed out, I am late on rent, and have zero money left. I have learned my lesson, but my interest on my card cards is taking all my money and I can't pay any of the principal off. I am a hard working person, and just want a fresh start. I started a fund raising page if you would like to help. Not sure how else to beat this. If you read this please do not fall prey to gambling; don't do it! If you decide to and can help, thank you for your support!

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May 10, 2017
A Long Way To Go
by: Mark

Thank you for sharing your story; it's much appreciated. First I have to tell you that I removed the "fundraiser" link you posted. I'm certainly no expert, however, I question the authenticity of your motivation for sharing. I'm not reading any self-reflection. I see someone in the throws of gambling who thinks that getting access to additional money will solve your problems.

No matter how much money people give you, or you earn through legitimate means, you'll eventually lose it all, and more.

If you recognize that your gambling is a problem, and want to start the recovery process, I recommend that you seek counselling to get to the root of your pain. You can also try attending a GA meeting in your area.

Confide in someone close to you who can help you control the bleeding, and help you lock down your finances so you can focus on recovery. There's also some good books to read, including the ones on the Resources link on this site. Even reading some of the books from the perspective of a loved one of a problem gambler may help provide some insight into your behavior.

Please keep me updated regarding how you're doing, and feel free to keep the dialog going so we can chat about your recovery progress!

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