My Wife Is A Slot Machine Addict

by "Jim"

My wife goes to an Indian casino in San Diego County anywhere from two to five times a month, and probably wastes at least $1,000 per month--maybe more. It's gotten worse lately, with just about every Sunday a casino day. When she's there it's for at least four to six hours, often more--sometimes the entire night. (She's been known to get a room and then come home at 5:00 or 6:00 A.M.--even when she has to go to work the next day. She lies about going, lies about her losses--and never admits the outrageous cash advances she takes ("payday loans" etc.), which will typically charge her $55 to get a "$300" advance. A while back, after an inheritance from my mom, I paid back all her advances as well as credit cards she'd maxed out. I also paid the pawn shop $12 K for the jewelry she'd hocked. She makes $140 K a year and is the primary--but not sole--earner. She even borrows money from our older (employed) daughter to help pay our younger daughter's college tuition. She REFUSES to admit she has a problem. Also, when I DO have some money coming in, she expects me to use all of it for bills while she keeps going back to the casino. When she's there--she acts WEIRD and will stay in a chair for HOURS trying to hit the "jackpot" that never quite happens.

I'm on the verge of contemplating suicide because I just can't deal with her anymore; hell, when she's at the casino, she won't answer my calls--JUST TEXTS if I'm lucky. [We also have another HUGE problem--her TOTAL refusal of ANY sex for almost 20 years and TOTAL REFUSAL to even discuss the topic. I'm 60 and she's 58. We both have advanced degrees. However, due to circumstances (health issues, etc.) I'm dependent on her financially.

That's the "short" version. God Bless!

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Nov 15, 2021
I hear you & have done it too...
by: Catherine L. Advocate

It has been some time since my last visit here (sorry bout that), and Jim, I hear and could feel everything you wrote and shared.

Most know I Am NOT anonymous. I'm Catherine Lyon, a recovery advocate, writer, author, and columnist for "Keys to Recovery" digital news, and my column is called "Quit to Win," where I share my recovery journey in writing. Which can be read and is a free resource at

I have maintained recovery from addicted gambling for almost 15-years. It is a miracle I am even still living, so it IS possible for your wife to STOP, Jim.

But, how to go about it is the tricky part. Believe me, I had put my husband through hell with my addiction and he is still with me. Again, recovery is possible. I can assure you she is gambling for a there are usually some roots or underlying issues, maybe unresolved that she may be using gambling to NOT FEEL, escape from, or trying to cope with something, an event in her past or something.

See, gambling addicts don't wake up and say, "I think I will destroy my life, my marriage, and my financial future and be an addicted gambler." Sadly, this addiction is a family disease. Anyone around them goes along for the ride.

This addiction is cunning once you have lost control from normal once-in-a-while gambling to becoming addicted. It is a disease like any other and we have to recover and manage it like any other disease. Lastly, I am always available to share hope and help if you need it.

Email me anytime and from there we could chat...
My Email:
Visit my website:
God Bless,
Catherine L

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